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SHE Pregnancy Support is provided free of charge and is always private and confidential

Needs Assessment

Over a coffee, one of our Pregnancy Support Advisers will chat with you and work out what you need with a few simple questions. Our Advisers will provide you with relevant, accurate information to help support you during your pregnancy.

Needs assessment over a coffee
Pregnancy testing and advice from pregnancy support adviser

Free Pregnancy Testing

Book your free Clearblue pregnancy test. They are 99.9% accurate and our pregnancy advisers will get you the results in minutes.

Practical Assistance

Based on what you need SHE can help you with maternity and baby supplies, financial support, support before and after pregnancy with our specialist practitioners and lots of other stuff.

Maternity and baby supplies
Signposting for help, support, advice and guidance


If we can’t do it we know someone who can!  We can introduce you to Medical, Adoption, Legal, Housing and Benefits services as needed.

“You’re amazing! The emotional support I’ve got from you the most important thing. I felt like I was in the right place. Also your attention and little gifts for me and my children made me feel warm and welcome in a completely new environment. You gave me good advice and were there for me when I needed help. Thank you for your support!”

— Kasia

“Thank you soo much for the starter pack.  Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and for your time, appreciate it 😊”

— Sophie